This class is specially designed to prevent episodes of back pain by gaining spine mobility and stability in surrounding muscles. The class is open to all ages and levels of physical ability.

Recent studies show that muscle strength, stabilisation and flexibility training, and aerobic exercise can significantly reduce low back pain. During Healthy back classes we use stabilisation and control exercises, work on muscle strength and improve flexibility of relevant to back pain muscle groups, also working on spine flexibility itself.

Exercises performed during the class combine yogic technics with elements of physical therapy and among all help to find and maintain proper posture.

You are welcome to attend The Healthy back class, especially:

  • if you had an acute back pain episode in the past and now have some discomfort left;
  • if you struggle with chronic not specific back pains;
  • if you are willing to prevent back pains and feel more confident in your body;
  • if you are a woman willing to prepare yourself for pregnancy (low endurance of trunk muscles is associated with higher risks of back pain occurrence and slower recovery, education on maintenance of proper posture is highly recommended before and during pregnancy).

Private sessions can be an alternative to group classes in case of health issues or unsuitable group schedule.

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